Honu by Tamara Scott

Honu by Tamara Scott

Tamara Scott is a mixed media artist who lives in the suburbs of Portland, OR.  Welcome to our website!  Take a look around and let us know if you have any questions.

Website is LIVE!!


My website is live!!!!!!! Y’all!!!  Designing this website has been a true test of my patience.  I love to get things done quickly, but when it comes to a website, it’s not quick!  There was so much to learn and so much trial and error, but I did it!!! I’m pretty proud of myself! I hope you will take a look around my site and let me know what you think.  You can even shop on my site now----easy peasy!!  (If you do shop, when you click the button to add the item to your cart, a demographic page pops up.  If you don’t want to fill it out—for whatever reason—feel free to scroll to the bottom of that page and click add to cart again.  I have to figure out how to get rid of that page.)  I’m super stoked (did I just age myself?!) to launch this site!  I’ll be making changes and adding a few more paintings to the shop over the next few weeks, so visit the page often! 

Oregon City Festival of the Arts

I’m gearing up (actually I’m way behind!) for the Oregon City Festival of the Arts coming up on August 11th and 12th from 10a-5p both days.  It will be at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive & Visitor Information Center located at 1726 Washington St., Oregon City.  There will be live entertainment all day on both days, several local food vendors, and many local artists.  IT IS FREE!!  I checked the extended forecast and it SHOULD be around 85 degrees on both days.  (PLEASE LET THAT BE TRUE!)  I’d love to have you come see me and enjoy a really fun event with your family.

Exchange student from France!

Just a little fun bit of personal news.  My mom, daughter, and I are hosting a lovely, funny, and very sweet 16 year old French girl named Julie for 6 weeks!!  It has been such a fun experience so far. She is truly delightful and she and my daughter hit it off right away and are really enjoying each other. They like the same music (it’s fun to hear Julie belt out a song in English!  They listen to a lot of American singers over in France) and TV series, and YouTube videos, etc.  I think I’ve asked her the most questions so far.  I just love hearing about other cultures and their way of life and how it differs from ours.  We all have fun laughing at each other when trying to speak the other person’s language!  Julie does quite well speaking English and is learning more each day.  Her mother told me, after Julie talked with her earlier this week, that she loves us and our house, loves America, and doesn’t want to go home!  The time is going by very quickly and we have lots more to show her.  I’m so glad that the weather is supposed to cool down in a few days so we can get outside and show her the beauty of Oregon.  We sure are going to miss her when she goes home.  My daughter will be going to France next summer to stay with Julie and her family.  I will be tagging along at the beginning or end of the trip and my daughter and I will do some additional traveling.  So exciting!!  

That’s about it from here.  I’ve been on a sea life/beach theme kick lately. Check out the shop on my website for those paintings.

Until next time……..be well!!  





Oregon City Festival of the Arts is in the books AND my first SALE!!